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F1 in Schools Race Day!

St John’s College surely has the engineers, graphic designers and racing drivers of the future. After a term of hard work, learning about aerodynamics, developing team identities and creating racing cars, all Entry, Development and Professional class teams met in the school hall on Tuesday, 29th January.

The F1 challenge is to design, make and engineer a car from rigid foam. Designed on Fusion 360 at school aided with the terrific knowledge of Mr Robert Field and milled by Hannah Wilson at the STEM centre Waterton Bridgend. The cars were subject to strict scrutineering against F1 in Schools rules by Mr Moody and Mr Field. The winners of this were Team Venom.

Each team set up their own Pit Stop around the periphery of the track.

This was to allow the group to show off their ideas and logo design as part of their Team Identity. Team Bionix with their eye-catching black and gold won this aspect of the challenge.   The 17 teams made up of 12 groups of R12’s, 4 groups of R13’s and 14’s and The Exception our current Pro team and Regional champions made a real effort and the hall was transformed!

The STEM team that has supported us throughout this project kindly brought their 20m track to race the cars powered by a CO2 canister. The pupils, parents and teachers couldn’t believe how quickly the cars were propelled once pierced by the team “driver” at the starting gate. Max G and Yusuf A’s parents had great fun racing head to head with their sons’ cars from Team Bionic and Hurricane! Our fastest car on the day belonged to Team Blackout.

Alongside all the racing, each team has to present their journey through F1 in a verbal competition that lasts 5 minutes. R12 presented to the whole year group last Friday with Team Blackout, Hurricane and Venom chosen to speak in front of the school as teams will the highest marks. These pupils totally embraced the opportunity, oozing confidence and enthusiasm. Venom was again the winner, however, Team Vortex our 6th form team were impressed with the pupils’ excitement and knowledge, giving special commendation to Alma S from Hurricane for being a natural with the microphone!

After hours of racing, presenting and manning the Pit, it was time for the scoreboard to show our winners. Mrs Bate, Mr Stephen Lane (STEM) and Mr Moody were called upon to bestow the honours and the pupils assembled in a nerve-jangling throng!

Our top teams were . . . in 3rd place Team Vector, in 2nd place Team Venom and in first place and representing SJC at Entry class in the Regional finals Team BLACKOUT!

We are absolutely delighted by the enthusiasm, determination and hard work that all the teams put into every aspect of this competition and hope that they will continue their journeys next year.

Well done teams, you are all podium winners!

2 February 2019

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