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The College Councils

The College Council is the body that represents student views. There are two College Councils – one in the Junior School (R8-R11) and one in the Senior School (R12-Sixth Form).

Membership of the College Council

  • one male and one female representative from each form in R8-R16
  • two male and two female representatives from the lower sixth and two male and two female representatives from the upper sixth

Election Procedure

Candidates put themselves forward for election in the first half of the Winter term. Candidates must complete a written application form which requires four peer nominations and the support of a teacher or senior leader within the school.

Candidates must promote their campaign by creating an election poster which is displayed on the Pupil Voice notice board and in their form room. They must also give a small campaign speech to their form.

All pupils in the school are invited to vote for one male and one female representative in their form.

In the Senior school, the positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and IT Coordinator have separate application processes and all pupils throughout the Senior school may cast a vote in this election.

Council representatives are usually appointed in the second half of the Winter term and hold a period of office from December to December.

Meetings and Feedback

The College Councils meet once per half term. Sub-committees may meet more regularly, if required.

Minutes of all meetings are posted on the Pupil Voice and form room notice boards. Representatives are also asked to read through the minutes with their form, taking feedback as required.  There are three suggestion boxes throughout the school for pupils to give anonymous feedback / suggestions, if necessary.

The work of the College Council is vital in ensuring that the pupil voice is heard throughout the school. So far, the Junior and Senior councils are making changes in the many areas, including:

  • uniform
  • canteen
  • pupil wellbeing / kindness
  • toilets
  • playground equipment / space / activities