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ESTYN Inspection Reports

ESTYN Inspection Reports

St John’s College is inspected by Estyn, the education and training inspectorate for Wales. As an independent school, the College must also meet the regulatory requirements of the Independent School Standards (Wales) Regulations 2003. 

We were last inspected in February 2018, when Estyn noted that “the standards achieved by pupils across the school are extremely high. Teachers know their pupils well and provide useful verbal feedback to them during lessons. The additional support provided to pupils outside of lessons makes an exceptional contribution to their wellbeing and high standards”. Estyn Crown Copyright, 2018

ESTYN Inspection Report 2018

Read the full Inspection Report | PDF | 289KB

ESTYN Inspection Report 2012

St John’s College achieved the overall ‘Excellent’ grade, including the seldom awarded ‘Excellent’ for Standards of Teaching.

  • The school’s current performance: ‘Excellent’
  • The school’s prospects for improvement: ‘Excellent’
  • How good are outcomes? ‘Excellent’
  • How good is provision? ‘Excellent’
  • Standards of Teaching: ‘Excellent’
  • How good are leadership and management?  ‘Excellent’

Throughout the school, there is a very strong sense of purpose, and a collective ownership and commitment to shared values and aims. The relentless emphasis on high expectations, particularly in the quality of teaching and learning has led to exceptional outcomes for pupils of all abilities.

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