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The College Councils

The College Councils

The Junior and Senior College Councils create an opportunity for pupils to make their voice heard, and thereby integrate them as a part of the organizational system of our school community. It encourages pupils to develop a strong sense of belonging, and enhances communication channels between pupils and teachers alike.

The College Council provides a sound platform for pupils to develop democratic principles and practices, whilst also enhancing many other personal attributes. Various areas of school life are discussed at council, for example, the dining room, uniform, timetables, pupil wellbeing and homework.

The pupils, and their voices are always at the heart of our school decisions and actions.

Candidates for College Council representatives must apply for the position, and are elected by their tutor group peers. One male and one female is elected from each tutor group, following an election campaign. In the Senior school, the positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and IT Coordinator have separate application processes and all pupils throughout the Senior school may cast a vote in this election.

The College Councils meet once per half term. Sub-committees may meet more regularly, if required. Minutes of all meetings are posted on the Pupil Voice and form room notice boards. Representatives are also asked to read through the minutes with their form, taking feedback as required.  There are three suggestion boxes throughout the school for pupils to give anonymous feedback / suggestions, if necessary.

The College Councils play a vital role in setting an example for the rest of the school community, and provides pupils with a sense of ownership, responsibility and recognition.