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Welcome to the Senior School

Welcome to the Senior School

The Senior School at St John’s College allows pupils to build on the knowledge, skills and understanding acquired during their early years, and prepares them for life beyond the classroom.

We pride ourselves on providing an atmosphere where pupils are encouraged to be good human beings; the values of care, kindness and compassion are at the core of all we do.

A current Senior pupil says:

St. John’s college is probably one of my second homes, I’ve been with this school for over ten years and the friendly atmosphere is one of the many things I’ve fallen in love with. The teachers always push us to try out best and we don’t just get good grades, we have fun and make memories which we will always remember!

Our pupils benefit from small class sizes and the dedicated staff’s unwavering commitment to providing first class education in a family environment. They are nurtured and encouraged to develop their skills in a safe and supportive environment and to be the best they can be; as a result, our pupils achieve, on average, 1.5 grades higher at GCSE than they are predicted. 

A variety of reward systems, alongside the school’s extensive co-curriculum and competitive House System helps to motivate pupils to achieve their full potential by rewarding excellence and effort and having fun at the same time!

Many parents and teachers consider the years of Secondary education to be the most stressful for pupils, and the most critical for their future development. GCSE performance is more than a reflection of a pupil’s innate ability and GCSE examinations, including their coursework components, require a steady and supportive framework of classwork, homework and ongoing motivation throughout the 5 years of Secondary schooling. These disciplines and routines need to be established at the age of 11 or 12 in order to allow the student to maximise his or her potential at 16.

From the moment of entry to the school right through to sixth form and admission to top Universities, every St John’s College pupil receives the highest quality of care in the context of our ‘exceptional ethos’ (Estyn Crown Copyright, 2006). In addition to the full Parents’ Evenings in Spring, Meet The Form Teacher meetings in the Autumn Term provide an early opportunity in the academic year for parents/guardians to meet form teachers to discuss pupil progress and to identify any particular needs.

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