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Welcome to the Nursery & Infant Department

Welcome to the Nursery & Infant Department

St John’s College Nursery and Infant Department is a place where children feel happy and secure and are cared for in an enriching environment that provides new and stimulating experiences.

At St John’s College, Esytn inspectors note that:

Pupils are mature and self-assured, support and show respect towards one another, and are polite to staff and visitors. Pupils joining the school settle quickly and feel welcome.

Our pupils are taught to care for and respect one another and in turn to develop mutual respect in their relationships with their teachers and other adults.

Our dedicated team of enthusiastic staff provide boundless energy and fun whilst nurturing the hearts and minds of our youngest pupils. In addition, our wraparound care provides reassurance and flexibility for today’s working families.

Nursery and Infant Parent Handbook


The Nursery and Infant Departments welcome a series of special guests throughout the year who offer engaging talks and displays to the children on a wide variety of topics. Extra-curricular trips complement work undertaken in the classroom and further broaden the children’s horizons.


Forest School is set amongst the lovely copse of trees where children sit to discuss their activities, observations and findings around a log circle amongst the trees in our beautiful grounds. The children are extremely enthusiastic about their weekly trip to Forest School. This has enabled them to broaden their knowledge of natural habitats, trees, leaves, insects, bird life and woodland creatures, such as squirrels and hedgehogs.

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