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Fees, Bursaries & Scholarships

Fees, Bursaries & Scholarships

Please find below information regarding the termly fees and available bursaries and scholarships for St John's College, Cardiff.

2024-2025 School Fees (Per Term)

The College offers a wide range of co-curricular activities to all pupils, some of which are chargeable. 

The College has a number of bus routes that run throughout South Wales. Please see the Bus Fares document for their fees.

Year Fee (per Term)Discounted (Prompt Payments per term*
Reception (R5) - Year 1 (R6)£3,755£3,661
Year 2 (R7)£3,815£3,720
Year 3 (R8)- Year 5 (R10)£4,415£4,305
Year 6 (R11)£4,690£4,573
Year 7 (R12) - Year 11 (R16)£5,255£5,124
Sixth Form£5,560£5,421
Sports Supplement: £60 (payable by all R5 - Sixth Form)
Laboratory consumables fee is a once-only payment made by pupils
joining the school at R8 or above and is £200 covering laboratory and
computer supplies.
*Payments by 1st September, 1st January, 1st April

Full Fee Structure 2024/25

Bursaries and Scholarships

As a registered Charity and as part of our Public Benefit requirements with the Charities Act 2011, St John’s College offers financial support for parents of pupils who would otherwise not be able to experience an independent school education. There will be a limited number of Bursary awards each year based on the financial circumstances of the child’s parents or guardians.  

St John’s College also offers a limited number of scholarships each year.

There are three academic scholarships (5%) available annually for pupils in R12 and R14. 
Pupils sit academic scholarship examinations in R11 (in Maths and English)  and in R13 (in Maths, English and Science).

Please see our policy and privacy statement for further details regarding Bursaries and Scholarships.

Should you require further information about fees, bursaries or scholarships, please email [email protected].

Text Books

Textbooks are provided to support the programmes of study in each subject. The text books remain in ownership of the college and will be expected to be returned when no longer required. Lost or damaged text books may be charged.