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Welcome to the Junior School

Welcome to the Junior School

St John’s College Junior School is a place where our dedicated team nurtures and helps to develop individual learners.

We work closely with parents to achieve a bespoke learning experience for each child. This collaborative approach enables our children to thrive in a caring, respectful and inclusive environment.

An excellent school, always looking out for pupils and helping them to achieve their best - Junior School Parent

Junior School Parent Handbook

Our pupils learn in friendly and stimulating surroundings, nurtured by well-qualified and highly motivated staff, enabling them to have fun while learning. Our traditional yet innovative curriculum has an in-depth approach to literacy and numeracy. Our varied co-curricular programme enriches subject learning and provides opportunities for teamwork and developing social skills.

In addition, our wraparound care provides reassurance and flexibility for today’s working families.  We welcome each and every new pupil wholeheartedly to our Junior School community.  

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