A leading independent day school for boys & girls age 3-18

Choir School to Cardiff Metropolitan Cathedral

A member of The Society of Heads: accredited by the Independent Schools Council (ISC)

Religious Life and Chaplaincy

St John’s College is recognised and enjoys the status of a school of designated religious character.  It provides a Catholic education available to every pupil and also recognises that many of our pupils come from homes which are not Catholic and may share a variety of faiths and traditions.  The high degree of harmony has impressed Estyn inspectors and this has been achieved by a sensitive and inclusive approach in which all pupils take part in corporate gatherings which are Christian in character and which respect other traditions.

The study of Christian theology within GCSE and A level Religious Studies is available to any student who wishes to pursue this and this is sometimes combined with the academic study of Philosophy.  Central to the life of St John’s College is the long-established choral and orchestral foundation through which the highest quality music is made available to the public at the city centre Metropolitan Cathedral of St David, in concert at St David’s Hall and Hoddinott Hall and through regular BBC broadcast on national network.  Every pupil is encouraged and supported by music tuition to participate in this thriving dimension of the school’s life and inspectors have drawn attention to the distinct contribution this makes to academic success and personal well-being.  Widespread scholarship and bursary support is directed at this central aspect of the school’s life.