A leading independent day school for boys & girls age 3-18

Choir School to Cardiff Metropolitan Cathedral

A member of The Society of Heads: accredited by the Independent Schools Council (ISC)

Senior Curriculum

Accelerated Learning

At St John’s College, a daily programme of homework is set, and this forms an essential part of each subject’s study. Pupils are introduced at an early stage to the concept of refining their work to prepare themselves for the demands of GCSE. Most important for pupil development, however, is the sense of a secure and supportive school environment, where effort and achievement are recognised and applauded.

By the age of fourteen (a year earlier than most schools), each pupil will have arrived at an individually chosen programme of study, leading to a balanced set of GCSE qualifications, in as many subjects as will encourage the best quality of achievement of each individual, aiming at the very best grades.