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Friends of St John's College

Friends of St John's College

The Friends of SJC are a group of parents who want to make a real contribution to improving the school community for all.

Fundraising is a major part of the Friends’ activities and directly contributes to the improvement of the school. The Friends of SJC also develop ideas and initiatives that link the whole school community together, including links with wider society, all of which benefit the school and offer a positive influence within the local area. 

The Friends of SJC provide a willing workforce for the school when extra hands are needed, hold social events to bond the school community, run extra-curricular activities such as fetes and fund-raising events for children and adults, and support parents through times of change. Members are knowledgeable about the school and enthuse about it to enhance its reputation to the wider community.

If you are interested in becoming involved and lending your help and expertise to the Friends of SJC, please contact the chair: [email protected]

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Friends of SJC